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Dean of the Sydney College of the Arts

Welcome to Sydney College of the Arts (SCA), a faculty of the Division of Architecture and Creative Arts at the University of Sydney. SCA has a long and prestigious history of educating many of Australia's most successful contemporary visual artists. For more than 30 years we have been delivering learning and teaching of the highest quality across all our specialist areas.

Since joining the University in 1990, SCA has continued to grow as a premier provider of visual arts education in Australia and internationally. Staff members are of the highest calibre and enjoy national and international research reputations as practitioners and writers.

As part of one of the world’s foremost research-intensive universities, we are proud to be able to apply the benefits of our own practices directly into learning and teaching at all levels, from first year through to PhD.

SCA offers an exciting range of programs at undergraduate, master's and doctoral levels that reflect its mission to provide a vibrant and conceptually coherent coverage of subjects relevant to international contemporary arts. Increasingly, students are making the most of what other parts of the University have to offer as they look further to enrich their experience as artists and take advantage of knowledge and equipment from other disciplines. This has been further enriched with the forging of closer working relationships between SCA, the Faculty of Architecture, Design & Planning and the Sydney Conservatorium of Music as a result of new strategic directions outlined in the University Strategic Plan.

SCA's excellent reputation derives from a track record of consistent achievement for its students and graduates and we boast an impressive list of movers and shakers in the art world here and overseas as graduates, staff and students. We are not content to live on past successes though. SCA continues to change and innovate in order to meet the demands of a rapidly moving world.

The SCA educational experience prepares students for future success, whether they follow a path directly in visual arts, or choose to apply the skills and knowledge they have gained in other professional areas. At SCA we believe in a student-centred environment in which the development of everybody's full potential, and providing the means for all to realise their aspirations, are paramount.

Professor Colin Rhodes

Dean, Sydney College of the Arts
Chair, Division of Architecture and Creative Arts