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Sydney College of the Arts Handbook

Sydney College of the Arts (SCA) is the Visual Arts faculty of the University of Sydney. SCA provides innovative programs that will prepare you with the conceptual and technical skills to establish a career as a contemporary visual artist.

SCA has a prestigious history of educating many of Australia’s most successful contemporary visual artists. For over 30 years we have been delivering learning and teaching of the highest quality across all of our specialist areas. SCA’s excellent reputation derives from a track record of consistent achievement for its students and graduates – and we boast an impressive list of influential leaders in the art world here and overseas as graduates and staff.

The SCA educational experience prepares you for future success, whether you follow a path directly into visual arts, or choose to apply the skills and knowledge you have gained in other professional areas. At SCA we believe in a student-centred environment in which the development of everybody’s full potential, and providing the means for all to realise their aspirations, are paramount.