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Bachelor of Music (Performance)

To qualify for the award of the Bachelor of Music (Performance), candidates must successully complete 192 credit points comprising:

(i) 48 credit points of core units of study as specified in Table A; including

(a) 24 credit points of Music Theory and Aural Skills units; and

(b) 24 credit points of Analysis, History and Culture Studies units

(ii) 72 credit points of Principal Study units of study;

(iii) 12 credit points of Final Year Project units of study;

(iv) a minimum of 30 credit points of Ensemble/Performance units of study as specified in Table A; and

(v) Additional Core and Ensemble/Performance units as specified by the Principal Study area and specified in Table A; and

(vi) where appropriate, elective units from Table A, Table S and a maximum of 12 credit points of units of study in the Open Learning Environment as specified in Table O