University of Sydney Handbooks - 2019 Archive

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About the Interdisciplinary Studies Handbook

The Interdisciplinary Studies handbook outlines the interdisciplinary course components offered at the University of Sydney.

These course components give students opportunities to develop expertise across multiple fields of study and tackle complex challenges by working with, or across, different disciplines.

The Interdisciplinary Studies handbook includes:

  • Table S: a shared pool of 109 majors, minors, Advanced Coursework and Honours units of study available to all students undertaking an undergraduate liberal studies degree and selected other degrees. The shared pool areas of study are outlined in alphabetical order.
  • Table O: a collection of units offered in the Open Learning Environment (OLE). These units are designed to enable students to build novel skill combinations and extend their knowledge by exploring other fields of study.
  • Dalyell stream: specialised Dalyell units and enrichment opportunities offered for high-achieving students (who are known as Dalyell Scholars).
  • Industry and Community Projects (ICPUs): projects where students work in multidisciplinary groups on authentic problems and issues. Projects are run in partnership with a broad range of industry, community and government organisations.