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Digital and Technology Skills

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The following unit is now available:

CMPN1014 Sound Recording Fundamentals
Credit points: 3 Teacher/Coordinator: Dr Ivan Zavada Session: Semester
2 Classes: 1 hr lect/wk, 1 hr lab class/wk Prohibitions: CMPN2006 Assessment: Stereo Recording (60%), Online Quiz (30%), Participation (10%) Mode of delivery: Normal (lecture/lab/tutorial) day
In this unit of study students will be introduced to a range of audio technologies and gain a basic proficiency in sound recording, editing and mixing. Students will experience working in the Conservatorium sound studios, and learn how to make good quality recordings with portable recording devices. This unit of study also examines microphone design, stereo microphone techniques and digital audio recording. Students will experience prac-based recording sessions to gain a comprehensive understanding of the recording technology on offer at the Sydney Conservatorium.


The following unit is now available:

CMPN2633 Computer Music Advanced
Credit points: 6 Teacher/Coordinator: Dr Ivan Zavada Session: Semester 1 Classes: 1 x 2 hour lecture per week Prerequisites: CMPN1632 Assumed knowledge: computer programming in Max/MSP or similar software for sound and media. Assessment: research and concept presentation 10%, two minute progress soundtrack for the project 30%, final project 60% Mode of delivery: Normal (lecture/lab/tutorial) day
This unit will focus on interactive and generative composition within the digital audio domain and the application of sound synthesis to live electronic music performances in which sound is generated and transformed for video projection and live performance. This unit of study explores various strategies to create musical compositions with computers and electronics and extend the creative possibilities of real-time digital signal processing for creative industries applications.

Unit of study Credit points A: Assumed knowledge P: Prerequisites C: Corequisites N: Prohibition Session

Digital and Technology Skills Units

Creative Music Technology
3    N MUED1002
Semester 1
Semester 2
Sound Recording Fundamentals
3    N CMPN2006
Semester 1
Foundations of Digital Music and Media
Note: Department permission required for enrolment

Semester 1
Digital Composition 1
6    P (MUED1002 or MUSC2653) and CMPN1220
Semester 2
Sound Recording Advanced
3    A Proficiency in an industry standard DAW and the ability to understand basic microphone and recording techniques.
P CMPN2006 or CMPN1014
Semester 2
Digital Composition 2
6    P CMPN1221
Semester 1
Digital Composition 3
6    P CMPN2222
Semester 2
Electroacoustic Music
6    A Proficiency in the usage of any industry standard DAW and attendant sound transformation and diffusion software.
P MUED1002 or CMPN1013 or MUSC2653
N CMPN1631
Semester 1
Computer Music Fundamentals
6    P MUED1002 OR CMPN1013 OR MUSC2653
Semester 2
Interactive Media and Sound Installations
6    P CMPN1632
Semester 2
Writing Music for the Moving Image
6    P MUED1002 or CMPN1013 or MUSC2653 or MUED4002
Semester 1
Introduction to Digital Music Techniques
6    P 18 Junior credit points
N MUSC2053

An ability to read music at a basic level and an understanding of fundamental musical terminology is an advantage in this unit of study.
Semester 1
Advanced Digital Music Techniques
6    P MUSC2653

Students who do not meet the pre-requisite may seek special permission from the subject co-ordinator
Semester 2