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Education (Educational Studies - Higher Education)


The Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies (Higher Education) is primarily designed to introduce university teachers to current principles, practices, debates and research in higher education.

Candidates are encouraged to develop scholarly, research-led approaches to teaching while engaging in activities and tasks aimed at cultivating critical reflection about higher education.


At the conclusion of the designated degree students should be able to:

  • apply their understanding of higher education research and scholarship to the practice of teaching.
  • design student-focused, research-led and evidence-based pedagogy.
  • apply new technologies appropriately and effectively in teaching and learning.
  • critically reflect on their practice to enhance their integrated professional, ethical and personal identity around teaching.
  • communicate an evidential case for the quality of their teaching and its impact on student learning.
  • provide leadership in teaching and learning to address the University’s strategic priorities.
  • plan how the University’s graduate qualities might be developed by students.

The Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies (Higher Education) units of study are offered in conjunction with the Institute for Teaching and Learning.

All intending participants must be currently engaged in some sort of university teaching. Further information including dates and times.

Program requirements

Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies (Higher Education)
To qualify for the award of Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies (Higher Education) candidates must complete 4 units of study (24 credit points), including:

  • 24 credit points of core units of study

Dr Danny Liu
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