University of Sydney Handbooks - 2018 Archive

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Arts and Social Sciences (Undergraduate) Handbook 2018

Using this handbook

The handbook provides you with the rules and requirements of your degree and its components – majors, minors, and units of study. It should be read in conjunction with the advice found in your Sydney Student Unit of study selection screens. While online systems will help ensure you meet these rules and requirements, it is also expected that you are familiar with these so you can make informed enrolment decisions accordingly.

Under Coursework you will find the resolutions of each of the degrees the Faculty offers. The resolutions are the formal rules and requirements of your degree, which you will need to comply with in order to graduate.

Some resolutions may change from year to year, but in general you’ll continue under the resolutions in place at the time you commenced your degree. You can view earlier handbooks to see the resolutions that were in place when you commenced in the handbook archive.

The Subject Areas list all the majors, minors and units of study offered by the Faculty. You’ll find a description of each major, minor and unit of study, requirements for completion and a year-by-year guide of what to expect. Not every subject area is available in every degree, so you’ll need to check your course resolutions to make sure you choose the right ones.

Under each subject area description you’ll also find the Unit of Study Table, which tells you which units make up a major, minor or specialisation as well as Unit of Study Descriptions relevant to that subject area. The unit of study descriptions give you an overview of the unit’s content, as well as teaching hours and assessments.

Streams are specific entry pathways into a degree and come with their own requirements and enrolment patterns. If you’re enrolled into a stream, you’ll find the requirements listed here, including for the embedded programs of study.

The Resolutions of the Faculty under Course Rules are rules that apply to all courses and students. Regardless of which course you are studying you should be aware of the resolutions, in particular those that cover:

  • Enrolment restrictions
  • Credit
  • Late work penalties
  • Attendance requirements

Changes to the undergraduate curriculum for 2018

The University has undergone significant curriculum reform for 2018. In this handbook you’ll find the curriculum for students commencing their degrees in 2018. If you commenced your degree earlier, you can continue to complete your degree under the rules and requirements in place at the time you commenced.

Commencing students have access to a pool of majors, minors and units of study known as “Table S” which shared across the University, and Industry and Community project units. You can find details about this shared pool and Industry and Community project units in the Interdisciplinary Studies Handbook

If you commenced study prior to 2018 you still have access to a wide range of units and majors from across the University through Table B. Table B is available in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences 2017 Handbook.

The University’s Current Student website has further details about managing the changes of the new curriculum, including how you can elect to transfer into the reformed degrees.