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Bachelor of Music Studies (Honours)

The Bachelor of Music Studies (Honours) is an appended honours year open to students who have completed either the Bachelor of Music Studies degree at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music or any other approved three-year degree at another institution.

Entry requirements

  • To gain entry a candidate must have qualified for the award of the pass degree of Bachelor of Music Studies from the University of Sydney or comparable three-year degree from another tertiary institution. Candidates must have achieved a distinction average in the overall degree and achieved a distinction average in their principal study or area of specialisation in years two or three.
  • In addition to the above requirements, prospective candidates will need to submit a minimum 500-word proposal outlining the aims of their research, including the relevance of the research question, references to supporting literature and possible ethical considerations. These proposals will be assessed by a committee for the written quality of the work and viability of the research questions.
  • Successful completion of an audition and/or interview.

Course structure

Honours is both a completion of an academic education in music, and a preparation for postgraduate study in music. Students enrol in two semesters of full-time study, involving a combination of research seminars, classes, supervision and/or individual lessons depending on their area of study.

Specialisations are available in all Principal Study areas including Performance, Composition and Musicology.

Enrolment pattern

Semester 1


Semester 2


PERF4601 Honours Project 1


PERF4603 Honours Project 3


PERF4602 Honours Project 2


PERF4604 Honours Project 4






Course requirements

Students must successfully complete 48 credit points of honours units as specified in the degree resolutions. See Bachelor of Music Studies for further details.

Application procedures

  1. Interested students should start by discussing their potential project with the Chair of Unit and/or supervisor.
  2. Prepare a 500-word minimum honours proposal.
  3. Fill in and submit the honours application form by early November.