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Dean of Science, Trevor Hambley

Welcome to your postgraduate study in the sciences. Whether you choose postgraduate coursework or research, you will be taking your next step towards becoming one of the next generation of global leaders who are working in Australia and around the world, conducting diverse work in scientific research, business, industry and more.

You can choose postgraduate research and coursework programs that are clinical, theoretical or applied, or a combination of these. Our articulated programs allow you to start your study with a short qualification, with the flexibility to extend into a more advanced research degree if you choose.

Take advantage of our global reputation for scientific research excellence, top international rankings and award winning research staff who are the best in their fields. As a postgraduate student you will work alongside world leaders in scientific research, have the opportunity to conduct studies overseas and develop a comprehensive perspective of the applications of science in the real world.

By choosing postgraduate research, you will have an incredible opportunity to extend your knowledge, build practical skills and pursue your passion in a specialist subject. In today’s workplace, those with postgraduate research qualifications are valued for their analytical talents, time management, problem-solving skills, independence and acumen. Our graduates’ career destinations are incredibly diverse, from research, policy, industry, management, government, business and international development to name a few.

By choosing postgraduate coursework, you will prepare to make your mark in the important health-related fields of psychology, nutrition and dietetics, and medical physics, or become equipped to play a vital role in the sustainable development of our society and our planet in the areas of environmental science, marine science and sustainability.

Your training in the sciences involves not only acquiring new knowledge, but also applying findings to improve our world, and developing the critical reasoning and problem-solving required to use scientific knowledge wisely. Your studies will stretch your talent and develop leadership skills. As a postgraduate science student, you will have access to a wide range of opportunities to cultivate professional skills through workshops, seminars, career development opportunities, international research symposia and networking events. You will become a well-rounded, confident leader with the ability to contribute to new, as yet unknown fields in the future.

Trevor Hambley