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Environmental Law

Units of study

Unit of study Credit points A: Assumed knowledge P: Prerequisites C: Corequisites N: Prohibition Session

Graduate Diploma in Environmental Law

Exemption from core units of study should not be assumed to be automatic. Formal approval must be obtained from the Faculty prior to enrolment.
Candidates must complete 24 credit points, comprising:
(i) 12 credit points of core units of study and 12 credit points of elective units of study, for candidates without a law background; or
(ii) 6 credit points of core units of study and 18 credit points of elective units of study, for candidates with a law background who have not completed any tertiary study in environmental law; or
(iii) 24 credit point of electives units of study, for candidates with an environmental law background.

2016 Core Units of Study

Candidates without a law degree from a common law jurisdiction must undertake LAWS6252 prior or concurrent to enrolling in other law units.
Environmental Law and Policy
6    A LAWS6252
N : LAWS3430 or LAWS5130

Environmental Law students must complete LAWS6252 and this core unit prior to enrolling in other law elective units.
Intensive August
Intensive March
Legal Reasoning and the Common Law System
6    N LAWS6881

International students who are required to enrol in this unit must undertake classes during the first week of their study. Health Law and Public Health students should enrol in LAWS6881 Introduction to Law for Health Professionals in lieu of LAWS6252, if available. This unit is not available to MLawIntDev students who have been granted a reduced volume of learning. Students must attend all classes on the timetabled dates as prescribed for their enrolled session/group. An Absent Fail grade may be granted to students who fail to attend the correct session/group.
Intensive April
Intensive July
Intensive March
Intensive September

2016 Elective Units of Study

Administrative Law
6    N LAWS2010, LAWS5010

Core unit for MALP students.
Intensive March
Asia Pacific Environmental Law
6      Intensive October
Coastal and Marine Law
6      Intensive August
Dispute Resolution in Australia
Note: Department permission required for enrolment
This is not a skills unit and students will not be trained as negotiators or mediators. This unit has a restricted class size.
Intensive July
Environmental Litigation

This unit replaced LAWS6041 Environmental Dispute Resolution
Intensive October
Global Energy and Resources Law
6      Intensive May
Heritage Law
6      Intensive September
Human Rights and Environmental Law
6      Intensive April
International Environmental Law

Students seeking further study in international environmental law may undertake LAWS6922 Advanced International Environmental Law.
Intensive April
International Law II
6    A LAWS6243

Compulsory core unit for MIL and GradDipIntLaw students. This unit replaced LAWS6167 International Law and Australian Institutions.
Intensive May
Semester 2
International Wildlife Law
6      Intensive May
Judicial Review-P'ciple, Pol and Procedure
6      Intensive July
Law of the Sea
6      Intensive April
Law, Justice and Development
6    N LAWS3478

This unit is compulsory for MLawIntDev students and replaced LAWS6928 Law and Economic Development.
Intensive April
Pollution and Contaminated Land
6      Intensive May
Principles of Oil and Gas Law
Note: Department permission required for enrolment
MIL and GradDipIL students may enrol in either LAWS6990 Principles of Oil and Gas Law or LAWS6933 Global Oil and Gas Contracts and Issues, but not both.
Intensive July
Public Policy
6    N LAWS6139 or LAWS6042 or LAWS6113 or LAWS6984

Core unit for MALP students.
Intensive September