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Pedagogy Electives

Subject tables

Other units of study listed in the Core section can also be taken as electives. Elective units require a minimum enrolment number to run.

Unit of study Credit points A: Assumed knowledge P: Prerequisites C: Corequisites N: Prohibition Session

Teaching and Pedagogy

Jazz Pedagogy

Class work will include assessed practical teaching to be conducted off-site, and written work. It will require active participation.
Semester 1
Pedagogy Pianoforte 1
3    P KEYB2624 or EMUS2604

Available for students of Pianoforte and Harpsichord Principal Study and Jazz Performance students only.
Semester 2
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islands Music
3      Semester 1
Resource Class - Percussion
3    N PRCN1000 or PRCN1001 or PRCN2000 or PRCN2001 or PRCN3000 or PRCN3001 or PRCN4000 or PRCN4001

This unit is not available for Percussion students enrolled in a BMus degree.
Semester 1
Pedagogy Strings 1
3      Semester 1
Pedagogy Voice 1
3      Semester 1
Pedagogy Woodwind 1
3      Semester 1