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Sydney Research Seminars

Sydney Research Seminars (SRS) are elective units that are designed to deepen students’ disciplinary knowledge while also building interdisciplinary effectiveness and inventiveness. Students will conduct research into issues and trends to develop their own research questions.

Pitched across a diverse range of themes and issues, each SRS unit of study invites students to draw on perspectives from multiple disciplines to take part in the early stages of research problem definition by developing a research question in collaboration with students and academics across different areas of knowledge and by applying their own ideas and critical thinking to a contemporary issue.

SRS units use the unit code SRSU and are:

  • six credit points;
  • offered at 3000 level and open to eligible students from all disciplines as part of their Table S electives;
  • open to first and second year Dalyell Scholars as enrichment units.

To be eligible to enrol in a SRS unit, students need to have completed 72 credit points.