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Doctor of Philosophy

The Doctor of Philosophy is a research degree awarded for a thesis considered to be a substantially original contribution to the subject concerned.

The degree of Doctor of Philosophy is a University degree governed by resolutions set down by the Academic Board.

Candidates should be familiar with the University of Sydney (Higher Degree by Research) Rule 2011 (as amended), and other relevant policies and procedures including the Thesis and Examination of Higher Degree by Research Policy 2015. The Rule, policies and procedures are available at the University’s Policy Register at

Candidates should also refer to the Higher Degree by Research pages on the University's Current Student website.

Table R

The University of Sydney introduced a new coursework requirement for Higher Degree by Research students commencing from Research Period 1 2021.

Coursework is intended to give students the opportunity to take units of study that expand their existing skills or work toward developing novel capabilities that will complement their research and career development.

Units of study students can choose to fulfil the Higher Degree by Research coursework requirement are listed in Table R of the Interdisciplinary Studies Handbook.

Students can enrol in units of study in Sydney Student and plan professional and academic development activities with their supervisors in the Research Education Candidature System. Award requirements for each degree are outlined in the respective course resolutions.