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Bachelor of Applied Science (Speech Pathology)

Course Overview

The Bachelor of Applied Science (Speech Pathology) is a four-year full-time degree, consisting of 186 credit points of core units of study and 6 credit points of elective units of study.

During this four year degree you will study a wide-range of areas in speech therapy, including speech science, linguistics and phonetics, neuroscience, motor speech and dysphagia, and counselling and behaviour management for communication disorders.

As a speech pathology student, you will learn from leading experts researching in a range of specialist areas in communication sciences and disorders. Through hands-on learning and clinical practice you will develop the ability to work with children and adults with communication difficulties caused by congenital or developmental problems, illness, and emotional or physical trauma.

You will observe clients in your first year before commencing clinical practice from your second year, practicing under supervision in the on-campus clinic, hospitals, community health centres, developmental disability services, schools and specialist clinics.


The discipline of Speech Pathology offers an integrated honours program. This program runs in parallel with the pass degree; honours students complete their degree at the same time as pass students. Honours students undertake some alternative units of study in the last 3 semesters of their degree and conduct a research project with one-to-one supervision from an experienced academic. Entry into the honours program is competitive and based on weighted average mark.

An honours degree is an opportunity for students to contribute to knowledge in their discipline, gain valuable professional skills, and broaden their career options.

To qualify for the award of Bachelor of Applied Science (Speech Pathology) Honours, a candidate must complete the requirements for the pass degree but include the alternative units of study listed in the Honours pathway of the Speech Pathology table of units of study.

Professional Accreditation

The Bachelor of Applied Science (Speech Pathology) is accredited by Speech Pathology Australia.

Accreditation qualifies graduates to work as speech pathologists in Australia.

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