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Bachelor of Pharmacy and Management

The Bachelor of Pharmacy and Management is an undergraduate degree offered at the Sydney Pharmacy School with a focus on Management. The degree is a full-time, five-year course with progression towards the degree by the accumulation of credit points. The degree may be awarded at the Pass or Honours level.


This degree focuses on the pharmacy as a business. Graduates will combine the knowledge required to become a registered pharmacist with the skills to integrate sound business practice with sustainable health care.

The first year is a foundation year in which students study biology, chemistry and introductory pharmacy and business subjects, with a progressive emphasis on pharmaceutical science and the professional practice of pharmacy.

Business subjects are incorporated into the first three years and the final year of the program. Practical pharmacy experience is emphasised, particularly in the fourth and fifth years.

In the fifth year students complete an additional business unit of study with a flexible final semester allowing students to choose an optional elective such as an industry placement or an international exchange.

Assumed knowledge, Prerequisites and corequisites

It should be noted that most of the first-year units of study will be taught on the assumption that students have reached the standard of assumed knowledge specified in the units of study table.

To be eligible to enrol in second-year, third-year, fourth-year and fifth-year units of study, students must have completed the prerequisite unit(s) of study. Any corequisite unit(s) of study not previously completed must be taken concurrently (see units of study table).