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Professional and Industry Skills

Professional and Industry Skills

OLET1801 Music Theory and Notation Essentials

Credit points: 2 Teacher/Coordinator: Professor Matthew Hindson Session: Semester 1,Semester 2 Classes: up to 2hrs of video lectures per week, plus 1 hour tutorial per week, which can be either live in-person or online. Assessment: Weekly set tasks and quizzes (50%), final exam (50%) Mode of delivery: Online
This Online Learning Environment unit (OLE) provides a grounding in music notation and music theory. It is designed for those without a background in these areas. The music theory relates to our contemporary western music notation system. An understanding of how music theory works is extremely useful to a range of diverse disciplines that engage with music. Examples include games and user interface designers, film and drama studies students and those who have learnt musical practice from an aural rather than notated tradition, such as contemporary popular musicians and singers.
OLET1803 Digital Communication: Sound

Credit points: 2 Teacher/Coordinator: Dr James Humberstone Session: Semester 1,Semester 2 Classes: up to 2hrs of video lectures/week, 1 x 1hr problem based learning/week Assessment: 4 x peer reviews to the equivalent of 250wds (40%), 1 x presentation (10%), 1 x project (50%) Mode of delivery: Online
This unit focuses on how sound can be used to present information effectively. It deals with audio recording techniques, and the creation of original music to add emotional weight to presentations, using sampling and synthesis techniques.
PERF2622 Professional Practice Internship

Credit points: 6 Teacher/Coordinator: A/Professor Jennifer Rowley Session: Semester 1,Semester 2 Classes: 2 x 2 hour seminars/semester Prerequisites: 48 credit points from UG Music degree Assessment: Reflective journal with evidence completed in ePortfolio (50%), Seminar presentation (50%) Practical field work: Students will be on placment approx. 6 hours per week (a total of 60-80 hours for the internship program) Mode of delivery: Professional practice
Note: Department permission required for enrolment
Note: This unit is graded 'satisfied requirements' only
This unit of study will enhance students' musical knowledge, learning and future career thinking through placement in a professional practice context within an arts sector environment. An internship is a system of on-the-job training and, as such, this unit of study seeks and selects the most appropriate places for students to gain valuable experience and training within a music or arts industry context. These places may and will change from time to time according to individual student interests and expertise along with availability of suitable hosts. Included in this Unit of Study is the Pulley 'Buddies' program where SCM students are placed in NSW regional conservatoria to engage in a significant role enhancing the local musical community through work with staff, students and specific outreach programs of the selected conservatorium (e.g. regional and remote schools, youth orchestra training etc.).
PERF3610 Professional Practice Internship 2

Credit points: 6 Teacher/Coordinator: Associate Professor Jennifer Rowley Session: Semester 1,Semester 2 Classes: 2 x 2hr seminar/semester Prerequisites: PERF2622 Assessment: 1 x 2000wd portfolio (50%), 1 x portfolio presentation (50%) Mode of delivery: Normal (lecture/lab/tutorial) day
Note: Department permission required for enrolment
Professional Practice Internship 2 provides students with an opportunity to undertake a second internship program (on successful completion of PERF 2622). An Internship is a system of on-the-job training experience that provides future career related musical work. This unit of study enhances students' musical knowledge and learning through placement in a professional practice context within a creative and performing arts industry sector environment. In particular, students are afforded the opportunity to work in regional NSW in partnership with one or more of the 17 NSW Regional Conservatoria and/or local schools. The unit seeks and selects the most appropriate places for students to gain valuable career experience and training and these places may and will change from time to time and according to the students' interests and expertise and the availability of suitable hosts.
PERF3640 Industry and Community Projects

Credit points: 6 Teacher/Coordinator: Ian Whitney Session: Intensive December,Intensive February,Intensive January,Intensive July,Semester 1,Semester 2 Classes: blended learning (online, seminar and group work) Assumed knowledge: upper-level disciplinary knowledge Assessment: 1 x group plan (10%), 1 x group presentation (20%), 1 x group project (50%), 1x individual reflective task (20%) Mode of delivery: Normal (lecture/lab/tutorial) day
Note: Department permission required for enrolment
Note: Students will submit project preferences, however first preference placements cannot be guaranteed.
This unit is designed for third year students to undertake a project that allows them to work with one of the university's industry and community partners. Students will work in teams on a real-world problem provided by the partner. This experience will allow students to apply their academic skills and disciplinary knowledge to a real world issue in an authentic and meaningful way. Participation in this unit will require students to submit an application.
CMPN4620 Independent Arts Professional

Credit points: 6 Teacher/Coordinator: Dr Damien Ricketson Session: Semester 1 Classes: 1 x 2hr seminar/week Assessment: Weekly exercises (30%); Funding submission (30%); In-class presentation (20%); Podcast (20%) Mode of delivery: Normal (lecture/lab/tutorial) day
Independent Arts Professional supports the career development of music practitioners as they enter the creative industries. Through a critical program of artistic self-assessment and practical business tasks, this Unit of Study seeks to equip students with the tools to successfully present their creative product and carve out a unique artistic space for their future endeavor. The program is relevant to independent-minded performers, composers, producers and curators seeking to identify and contextualise their individual artistic voice within a broader arts community. In addition to providing students with ongoing tools to evaluate personalised artistic goals, completion of this unit will provide practical and strategic skills in analysing their potential market, securing stakeholders and developing planning approaches that successfully bring creative enterprises to fruition.
JAZZ3631 Music Business Skills

Credit points: 6 Teacher/Coordinator: David Theak Session: Semester 2 Classes: 2hr lect/wk Assessment: Press Kit (35%), Tour Plan (65%) Mode of delivery: Normal (lecture/lab/tutorial) day
Music Business Skills is designed to prepare graduating students for the non-musical aspects of their forthcoming career. The unit is designed as an overview of the many different facets of the music industry, including setting up a small music business (including taxation overview and responsibilities), funding sources and alternatives, tour planning and budgeting, producing and designing promotional tools, dealing with record companies/music publishing, and other essential techniques and requirements of running a successful music business in today's competitive arts environment.