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Bachelor of Project Management

Course Overview

The Bachelor of Project Management uses multidisciplinary theories and methods to investigate a particular project management phenomenon from a holistic viewpoint. The program covers the fundamentals of project management in an industry context, and will provide you with fundamental project management skills that can be applied across any industry.

Core subject areas include project management, stakeholder management, project finance, complex project coordination, analytics, statistics, risk management and organisational behaviour. These subjects are integrated with units of study from your chosen stream from the start of your studies.

The Bachelor of Project Management is offered in three streams:

  • The Built Environment stream typically focuses on the Architectural field.
  • The stream of Civil Engineering Science typically focuses on the civil engineering field.
  • Software focuses on the application of learning to the Computer and IT industry.

The Bachelor of Project Management is offered as a combined degree with:

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)

Course Requirements

To meet the requirements of the Bachelor of Project Management, a candidate must successfully complete 144 credit points, comprising:

  1. the core units of study as set out in the Bachelor of Project Management unit of study table;
  2. the units of study specified for the relevant stream of the degree and
  3. any additional elective units

For a standard enrolment plan for the various Project Management streams visit CUSP (